Zarghami M (2012). The Effect of Eight Weeks Hydrotherapy Exercises on the Mental Health of Men Staffs of Bid Boland Gas Purge Company of Omidiyeh City

ntroduction to Hydrotherapy’s Mental Benefits

The modern lifestyle, characterized by increased sedentary behavior, poses significant risks to mental health, leading to conditions like depression and anxiety. This study explores the impact of an eight-week hydrotherapy program on the mental health of male employees at Bid Boland Gas Purge Company in Omidiyeh City, hypothesizing that such physical activity could alleviate mental health issues by stimulating positive hormonal changes.

Methodological Approach

Adopting a semi-experimental design, the study involved 40 male employees aged 40-50, divided into experimental and control groups. The General Health Questionnaire GHQ-28 was utilized to assess mental health across four dimensions: Physical Complaint, Anxiety, Social Dysfunction, and Depression. The experimental group participated in hydrotherapy exercises, focusing on aerobic activities aimed at achieving 60-70% of their Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).

Observations and Results

Post-intervention analysis indicated significant improvements in the mental health of the experimental group, with notable enhancements in all assessed dimensions except Social Dysfunction. These findings align with previous research advocating for physical activity as a viable treatment for stress-related mental health issues.

Discussion on Hydrotherapy’s Impact

The study corroborates existing literature on the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy on mental health, suggesting that such exercises can elevate mood-enhancing hormones, thereby mitigating symptoms of depression and anxiety. The aquatic environment offers a low-impact setting that minimizes joint stress, further enhancing the appeal of hydrotherapy as a treatment modality.

Conclusive Remarks

Hydrotherapy presents a promising intervention for improving mental health among middle-aged men, with potential applications in broader demographic groups. Future research could explore the long-term effects of hydrotherapy and its efficacy in addressing specific mental health disorders.

Keywords: Hydrotherapy, mental health, depression, anxiety, physical activity, aquatic exercises.

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