Zameni L (2011) the effect of aquatic exercise on pain and postural control in women with low back pain


Aquatic exercise has emerged as an effective treatment modality for patients suffering from chronic low back pain. The unique properties of water, such as buoyancy and resistance, create an ideal environment for pain relief and rehabilitation. A study conducted by Zameni et al. aimed to investigate the effects of aquatic exercise on pain and postural control in women with low back pain, highlighting its significance in pain management and rehabilitation.

Methodology: A Focused Approach to Pain Relief

The study included 28 female patients with low back pain, aged around 47 years. They were evaluated using the Oswestry questionnaire for back pain and the Romberg test for balance control. Participants were divided into experimental and control groups, with the former undergoing a 12-week aquatic exercise program, comprising three sessions per week, each lasting 60 minutes.

Findings: Significant Improvements in Pain and Balance

The results were promising, showing significant improvements in the experimental group’s ability to control balance in various conditions (one-leg open and closed eyes). More importantly, a substantial reduction in pain levels was observed, underlining the efficacy of aquatic exercise in alleviating low back pain and enhancing postural control.

Discussion: Validating Aquatic Exercise as a Therapeutic Modality

These findings reinforce the role of aquatic exercise as a safe and effective treatment for low back pain. It not only helps in pain reduction but also improves balance and postural control, crucial for overall rehabilitation. The study underscores the potential of aquatic exercise in offering a holistic approach to managing low back pain, making it a recommended method for rehabilitation.


Aquatic exercise stands out as a beneficial and practical approach to managing low back pain. Its ability to provide pain relief and improve balance opens new avenues in the field of rehabilitation. Making it a key component in the treatment of low back pain.

Keywords: aquatic exercise, low back pain, pain management, postural control, rehabilitation


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