Yoshihara (2020) Pool walking may improve renal function by suppressing the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in healthy pregnant women

Introduction to Study

This 2020 study by Tatsuya Yoshihara et al. is published in Scientific Reports. It explores the impact of pool walking on pregnant women.

Study Aim and Methodology

The research aims to address pregnancy-related high blood pressure. It involved 15 women engaging in pool and land walking. Health markers were assessed before and after these activities.

Key Findings

Results indicated that pool walking lowered certain hormone levels. This suggests improved kidney function. The benefits were more pronounced compared to land walking.

Implications of Findings

The study suggests water pressure during pool walking might offer health benefits.

Study Limitations and Future Research

The research had limitations, such as a small sample size. It also focused on one hormonal system. More studies are needed for a comprehensive understanding.


Pool walking could be beneficial for pregnant women’s health. Further research is crucial to uncover its full benefits.

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