Schlunz (2002) Comparison effectiveness of rehabilitative training in water in patients with chronic back pain (German)

Summary: Effectiveness of Rehabilitative Training in Water for Chronic Back Pain

Rehabilitative Water Training for Back Pain: A Comprehensive Analysis

The study by Uwe Schlünz examines the effectiveness of rehabilitative training in water for patients with chronic back pain. This research provides valuable insights into alternative treatment methods, focusing on water-based exercises. The study included 80 female participants, aged 25 to 45 years, suffering from low back pain. They were divided into control and various training groups, including aqua jogging, aqua gymnastics, aqua machine, and land gymnastics. Each group underwent a muscle strengthening program twice a week for six weeks.

The results indicated significant improvements in all exercise groups compared to the control group, with notable enhancements in isometric trunk strength. The aquatic exercise machine group showed the most significant improvements in pain reduction and lumbar extension strength. The study highlights the potential benefits of water-based rehabilitative training in managing chronic back pain.

Water’s unique properties offer a low-impact environment that can be particularly beneficial for individuals with back pain. This study underscores the importance of considering alternative and complementary therapies in managing chronic conditions. The findings suggest that water-based exercises can be an effective component of a comprehensive treatment plan for chronic back pain, offering an encouraging alternative to traditional land-based methods.

Keywords: Chronicle back pain, Aqua therapy, Strength training, Muscle test


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