Park JS. (2011). Postural balance of stroke survivors in aquatic and land environments

[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of an aquatic environment on the balance of stroke patients compared to a land environment.

[Subjects and Methods] Forty-six subjects participated in this study. They were divided into a land exercise (LE) group (13 males, 10 females) and an aquatic exercise (AE) group (12 males, 11 females). Exercises were conducted six times a week for six weeks. Balance was assessed through parameters of sway of the center of pressure.

[Results] The exercises improved the balance abilities of both groups with eyes open. With eyes closed, balance ability improved more in the AE group, and AE was more important than vision for improving the balance ability of stroke patients.

[Conclusion] This study found that stroke patients had better balance in an aquatic environment than in a land environment.

Key words: Aquatic environment, Postural balance, Stroke

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