Montagna (2014) Stroke: balance and Halliwick

Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation: Enhancing Balance and Mobility

The document “Montagna-2014-Stroke-balance-and-Halliwick.pdf” discusses the benefits of the Halliwick Concept, an aquatic therapy designed to improve balance and mobility in stroke survivors. The keyphrase for this summary could be “Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation.”

Aquatic therapy, particularly the Halliwick Concept, has shown significant promise in aiding stroke survivors. This approach focuses on enhancing balance, mobility, and overall functional independence. The buoyancy of water reduces the fear of falling, providing a safe environment for patients to relearn lost skills.

The therapy sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs, emphasizing body mechanics, balance, and coordinated movement. Through various water-based exercises, patients gradually regain confidence in their ability to move and balance, which is crucial for daily activities.

Significant improvements have been noted in patients’ postural stability and gait patterns, indicating the Halliwick Concept’s effectiveness in stroke rehabilitation. Furthermore, the social and psychological benefits of participating in group aquatic therapy sessions contribute to an improved quality of life for stroke survivors.

Keywords: aquatic therapy, stroke rehabilitation, Halliwick Concept, balance, mobility

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