Leaflet Modular pool (English)

We believe you should be able to build an aquatic therapy area in any available space. Therefore we supply modular pools that can be assembled anywhere in your rehabilitation facility. Our modular pools meet the requirements for use in a modern rehabilitation environment.

A modular exercise pool provides the right therapeutic environment for patients and optimal working conditions for the therapist. While patients are exercising in the water, the therapist can observe their movements through a side window, assisting them without getting wet.

We believe that in optimal aquatic therapy, patients should experience full freedom of movement.
We also believe in treatment baths that are ergonomically optimised for the therapist, saving time
and back injury.
We supply well designed butterfly baths which meet the strictest requirements with regards to
patient range of movement, ergonomics, hygiene and durability.
Fitted with a strong underwater massage unit, the butterfly bath offers intensive stimulation of
injured muscles and joints. Our Aquacontrol can maintain water temperature and guarantees
excellent water quality and hygiene.
A butterfly bath can either be made out of first grade stainless steel AISI 316, or glass fibre reinforced
polyester. It can be supplied in types.
Have patients experience full freedom of movement with an EWAC Medical butterfly bath. Butterfly bath
More info: www.ewacmedical.com

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