The importance of water hygiene in an aquatic exercise environment

When pool water starts to smell, chlorine binds to the contaminants in the water like bacteria, viruses, but also skin flakes, fatty acids from the skin, and ammonia. When there is a strong smell of Chloramines, the water has not be maintained well enough.

In the presentation below, we explain why proper water treatment is important in rehabilitation situations, how a water treatment plant works, and which issues to keep in mind in connection to water treatment, covering the following subjects:

  • Water Hygiene
  • Common infectious swimming pool bacteria and viruses
  • Public pool versus Healthcare pool
  • Water Hygiene Conclusion
  • Water Hygiene Basics
  • How Bacteria and Viruses are killed
  • Why other solutions don’t work
  • Chlorine actively kills the bacteria in the pool
  • But what’s that smell? Why do my eyes hurt?
  • Free chlorine vs bound chlorine
  • Biologically active water
  • Save levels to maintain
  • Conclusion

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