EWAC Medical – Radboud Hospital ICU – Movable swimming pool floor – makes Dutch prime time news

The application of Aquatic Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit of the Radboud University Hospital in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), where a patient tells about the way the therapy has positively impacted her life. This video reconfirms the invaluable contribution Hydrotherapy has to offer for the rehabilitation process.

The anesthesiologic department is responsible for about 6 ICU’s in the Hospital in Nijmegen, including the long stay units. EWAC Medical was asked to design the swimming pool with a Movable Swimming Pool Floor and consult about the possibilities and dangers. Especially in the case of vulnerable patients, water hygiene is paramount. EWAC Medical’s Movable Swimming Pool Floor is entirely water permeable which guarantees optimal water hygiene.

The result can be viewed in this video. Broadcast: NOS 20.00 hours Journal; April 18, 2013