EWAC Medical – Aquamentia – Aquatic therapy for elderly suffering from dementia (Windesheim)

Aquamentia® is an experiential movement program for of aquatic therapy for aging people suffering from dementia. The program is based on a series of researches about the effects of dementia on the body, emotions, and cognition, but also on social aspects such as interaction (Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social). This is combined in a context with a therapist for movement in water. The foundation for this program rests on well-known methodologies such as those by Halliwick, Ai Chi, and Watsu. These methodologies contributed to elements of the program compatible with PECS for aging people with dementia. All of this fits within the methodology of personalized healthcare. A first pilot effect study will be done in the short term. This article gives an overview of the reasons-, the theoretical framework-, and the contents of this project.

Keywords: dementia, healthy aging, swimming, experiential movement program, aquatherapy