Brochure movable swimming pool floor (EN)

We believe in aquatic rehabilitation, a therapist should create the optimal exercise environment for the patient, water depth being one of the most important variables.

This is why we have created a movable swimming pool floor that is specially developed for medical applications. Our design having unprecedented water permeability, our movable pool floor offers the very best hygienic performance in the market. Very important with vulnerable patients.

In aquatic therapy, you should choose the depth to suit the patient. Age, height and progress among other factors, play an important role in determining the right exercise depth. With our movable pool floor, the depth can be changed at the push of a button. The floor can be raised quickly to deck level, so that patients can easily be transferred in- and out of the pool.

Brochure Movable swimming pool floor (EN)

Brochure  Movable swimming pool floor (EN)