Bayraktar (2013) Effects of Water-Based Spinal Stability Exercises on Flexibility, Static and Dynamic Spinal Endurance in Chronic Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients (ECEBAT)

Lumbar disc herniation is a common reason for low back pain

• There are many researches show atrophy in core stabilization muscles and decrements in core stabilization endurance in low back patients. (Barr 2005, Simmonds 1998)
• Core strengthening has a strong theoretical basis and spinal stability exercises is a method that widely used for treatment of low back pain patients. (Akuthota 2007)
• On the other hand, aquatic therapy has been used for many years in the management of LDH patients. (Waller 2009)

Therefore our aim was to combine both methods and investigate the effects of spinal stability exercises in water.

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