Alikahajeh A (2012) Effects of hydrotherapy in static and dynamic balance amoung elderly men

Introduction to Hydrotherapy and Elderly Balance

Hydrotherapy, traditionally used for various medical conditions, has recently been explored for its potential in enhancing balance among the elderly, a demographic notably susceptible to falls. This study investigates hydrotherapy’s impact on static and dynamic balance in elderly men.

Study Design and Methodology

In a quasi-experimental setup, 28 sedentary elderly men were divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental group underwent an 8-week hydrotherapy program focusing on balance, consisting of aquatic environment adaptation, stretching, and balance exercises. Balance was assessed pre and post-intervention using the Sharpened Romberg test and the Timed Up & Go test.

Findings on Balance Improvement

Post-intervention, significant improvements were noted in both static and dynamic balance within the experimental group, as evidenced by enhanced performance in the Sharpened Romberg and Timed Up & Go tests. These findings align with previous research indicating hydrotherapy’s beneficial effects on elderly balance and potentially reducing fall risk.

Discussion on Hydrotherapy’s Benefits

The study underscores hydrotherapy’s efficacy in improving balance among elderly men, attributed to water’s unique properties facilitating safer and more effective exercise for balance-challenged individuals. The structured program, detailed in its approach, presents a replicable model for future research and practical application in geriatric physical therapy.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Hydrotherapy emerges as a valuable intervention for enhancing balance and possibly mitigating fall risks in the elderly, advocating for its inclusion in geriatric care regimens. Further research with larger sample sizes and varied populations is recommended to generalize these findings.

Keywords: Hydrotherapy, elderly balance, static balance, dynamic balance, fall prevention, aquatic exercises, geriatric care.

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