Hobbie (2013) Breast cancer (German)


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the consequences of this disease and his therapy can affect their physical, psychological and social situation. This often leads to a reduction of physical fitness and quality of life. Numerous studies have already shown positive effects of physical activity on the consequences of this disease. Improvements were found in both physical parameters such as aerobic fitness and body composition, as well as in psychological parameters such as well-being and self-esteem. Because of the special properties of water this element
provides good conditions for training individuals with breast cancer patients. There have been few scientific studies on the effects of exercise in water on physical per formance and quality of life in breast cancer (Roling 2010, Geigle & Ambroza 2010).

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the newly developed Aquabackcircle on the physical performance and quality of life in breast cancer patients in follow-up. The Aquabackcircle provides strength training combined with endurance elements in combination with the positive characteristics of the water. For this purpose an eight-week exercise intervention, in the form of circuit training in the water, was conducted. Before and after the intervention, using the Quality of life questionnaire C-30 (QLQ-C30), developed by the European Organization for Research and
Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), a 2000 meter walking test and a body composition scale, the quality of life, endurance and body composition was examined. The intensity was checked by using the Borg scale and set in the range 11 to 14. Seven women participated in this study. The exercise over 45 minutes twice a week yielded a significantly increased endurance (p=0,014). Furthermore a significantly increased global health status (p=0,033), body image (p=0,014) and emotional functioning (p=0,033) was measured. A change in body composition was not obtained. In spite of
the limited scientific validity of this study, due to the small number of participants, it shows some positive trends of the effect of physical activity in the water on breast cancer patients.

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