Brugghemans (2011) Parkinson gait balance endurance (dutch)

Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of hydrotherapy on balance, gait pattern and condition by Parkinson patients in Hoehn and Yahr stage III and IV.
Method: The research design is a controlled clinical study, based on two groups, an intervention- and a control group tested for balance, gait pattern and condition before and after an intervention period of 5 weeks. The intervention took place once a week and consisted movement therapy in the water.
Results: Significant pre-post improvement are founded in the hydrotherapy group for balance (p=0,016) and gait frequency (p=0,016). There were no significant changes founded in the control group. The betweengroup analyses shows a significant improved balance (p=0,005) and an increased stride length (p=0,035) in the hydrotherapy group compared with the control group.
Conclusion: The results should be interpreted with great caution, considering the influence of the conventional treatment and the aspecific components of the intervention.

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