Iedereen moet zich comfortabel in het water voelen en de mogelijk hebben om zijn gezondheid te verbeteren. EWAC Medical heeft een selectie van producten die de therapeut en patient kunnen helpen bij de dagelijkse behandeling.

EWAC Medical biedt verschillende floater sets aan, van een basis set tot een set nodig is om meer actieve therapie uit te oefenen.

Floaterset Basic18Floaterset Active31Floaterset Ultimate41
xAquaHantel Dumbbel S1AquaHantel Dumbbel S1
AquaHantel Dumbbel M8AquaHantel Dumbbel M1AquaHantel Dumbbel M1
xAquaHantel Dumbbel L1AquaHantel Dumbbel L1
Pool Noodle8Pool Noodle12Pool Noodle12
xxCarryingnet PoolNoodles1
xxStoragebox PoolNoodles1
Connector 23Connector 24Connector 24
Connector 42Connector 43Connector 43
xConnector 62Connector 62
Dynapad2DynaPad4Dynapad 4
Kick Board Sprint Junior1Kick Board Sprint Junior2Kick Board Sprint Junior2
xxKick Board Team2
Neckcollar Bodyfit1Neckcollar Bodyfit1Neckcollar Bodyfit1
Neckcollar Schwimmi1Neckcollar Schwimmi1Neckcollar Schwimmi1
Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 4 block1Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 4 block1Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 4 block1
xSchwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 5 pads1Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 5 pads1
xxAquajogging Wetbelt Bebelt1
xxAqua Combiland (bodybelt)1
xxAquajogging Wetbelt Variant1
xxAquajogging Wetbelt Woman1
xAquajogging Wetbelt Maxi1Aquajogging Wetbelt Maxi1
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 0 (2-6 jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 0 (2-6 jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 0 (2-6 jaar)2
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 1 (6-12 jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 1 (6-12 jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 1 (6-12 jaar)2
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 2 (12+ jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 2 (12+ jaar)2Schwimmhilfe Armbands 2 (12+ jaar)2
Beinschwimmer M1Beinschwimmer M1Beinschwimmer M1
Beinschwimmer XL1Beinschwimmer XL1Beinschwimmer XL1
Overshoe basic (100 pcs)1Overshoe basic (100 pcs)1Overshoe basic (100 pcs)1
xxHandpaddles S1
xxHandpaddles M1
xxHandpaddles L1
xPullBuoy 31PullBuoy 31
PullBuoy 51PullBuoy 51PullBuoy 51
xxBECO Band Exersice band1

Floaterset Active wordt ook gebruikt tijdens de hydrotherapie workshops. Lees meer over de hydrotherapie workshops. Haal meer uit uw lessen en training door de investeren in duurzaam oefen-, speel- en drijf materiaal.



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Floaterset BasicFloaterset RegularFloaterset Ultimate



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AquaHantel Dumbbell S
Used for aquafitness, swimming lessons and aqua fun.
Material: PE-foam

AquaHantel Dumbbell M
Durable and lightweight
Material: PE-foam
AquaHantel Dumbbell L 
All dumbbells are made with soft-coated grips.
Material: PE-Foam
Pool Noodle
Useful when learning to swim, for floating, for rescue reaching, in various forms of water play, and for aquatic exercise.

Carryingnet for PoolNoodle
With this carryingnet it will make carrying PoolNoodles a lot easier.

Storagebox PoolNoodle
Easy mobile storage 
Connector 2
Enable users to build all types of structures and designs. This connector has two holes.

Connector 4
A pool connector with four holes, which enables the user to connect e.g. 3 noodles together.

Connector 6
User can connect four different Noodles together by using a connector with six holes.
Training the upper body and the cardiovascular system. By changing the position of the AquaDisc, you can manually change the resistance.
A multi-functional aquafitness product. Great for training the lower body, legs, core and more.
Nub structure activates the muscles. Ideal for aqua fitness training in shallow water.
Kick Board Sprint Junior
Increases the strength of the legs and improves the leg technique. Designed for kids.

Kick Board Team
Pull buoys help develop upper body strength and provides proper alignment in the water during swim workouts. 
Designed for adults.

Neckcollar Bodyfit
Ensures the head is kept vertically above the water.

Neckcollar Schwimmi
Inflatable neck collar provides comfortable head support for children and adults when floating on their back. 

Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 4 block
Helps the child swim in a horizontal position when they're learning
Schwimmgürtel Aqua Belt 5 pads
Buoyancy aid that can be worn around the waist. Supports the child in learning to swim (horizontal position).
Aquajogging Wetbelt BEbelt
Offers bouyancy for aquajogging or running in deep water.
Max. 80 KG
Aqua Combiband 
Extra support for disables swimmers. The lower back and neck are additionally supported. This provides comfort when doing therapeutic exercises.
Aquajogging Wetbelt Variant
The belt is wider, therefore, designed for people who are larger around the waist.
Max. 100KG
Aquajogging Wetbelt Woman
A comfortable design which suits the feminine body shape.
Max. 70KG
Aquajogging Wetbelt Maxi
Larger foam surface to hold more weight.
Max. 120 KG.
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 0 (2-6 jaar)
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 1 (6-12 yrs)
Schwimmhilfe Armbands 2 (12+ yrs)
Easy to adjust buoyancy by taking on or off a disc.
Beinschwimmer M
Simple foam buoyancy cuff which can be wound around an ankle  to provide light support/resistance in water. Secured with Velcro. Sold in pairs.
Beinschwimmer XL
Leg floats are flotation devices for use during aqua fitness and swim training. They are suitable for both deep and shallow water.

Designed to be held in the water or worn on the feet whilst you do aqua aerobics and will increase water resistance.
Due to variable grip positions, different muscle groups will be activated and thus the body can be evenly shaped. 
For aquafitness to train upper body and arms.
Overshoe basic (100 pcs)
Handpaddles S
Handpaddles M
Handpaddles L
Poolnoodle made of PE foam with flexible handles on both ends.
Gives pressure to keep the upper body afloat.
Pullbuoy 3
Place the buoy between the legs, and swim with the arms only.
Pullbuoy 5
Buoyancy aid for swim training. To effectively train the upper arms.
Training for coordination, balance, endurance, and strength. AquaStep is very popular on land and in water.
BECO Exercise Band
Can be used for a variety of resistance toning and strength building exercises and comes in 3 different strengths, yellow: light - 0. 35mm, red: medium - 0. 5mm, blue: strong 0. 65mm.



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